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Sportzone case

Sport Zone is one of Sonae Group’s Special Retail Brands. Being the market leader in Portugal in the past, Sport Zone has come under pressure from competition in recent years. In the Spanish market Sport Zone had a different position, coming late to that market and fighting against a multitude of established competitors.


The senior leadership team was trying to enhance the business strategy and create a vision for the business that will help regain market share and facilitate their international growth ambitions. We were engaged by the Head of Marketing to facilitate both organisational strategy and team alignment with key leaders and stakeholder.


Through a series of measured and focused assessments including executive interviews, department survey, and key internal/external stakeholder interviews an intervention was designed and co-created with the Head of Marketing, which included:


  1. 1 large scale appreciative inquiry workshop with all key leaders and stakeholder;
  2. follow on project lead facilitation;
  3. coaching sessions with key leaders to enable continued progress.


The focus of the project would be organisational strategy and executive team alignment. Specific consideration was placed on:


  1. improving team culture (shaping a successful team culture);
  2. attainment of desired outcomes (enhancing the mission);
  3. refining the company vision (sharpening our vision).
  4. the introduction of mindfulness practice.


The planned intervention helped to focus the attention on the key areas, define and lead 6 (3 short term, 3 long term) with defined team leaders and members. The workshop enabled the team to enable alignment and create the space for discussion between the different departments and functions which they viewed as necessary and very helpful. Furthermore, key leaders and stakeholder felt more engaged and hopeful for their future and they communicated a higher level of commitment to help the projects identified being realized.

Posted on February 9, 2017 in Strategy, Team efficiency, Vision

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