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The Uber Team is a fast growing, enthusiastic, international team. In addition to the ever increasing daily business challenges, the department we worked with had also recently faced growth-related organizational challenges.


To help them address these challenges and get to the next level of professional and business excellence, we were engaged by the new department head to assist in achieving a solid foundation and route map on which to build and move forward.


Through a series of measured and focused assessments including executive interviews, department survey, and key internal/external stakeholder interviews an intervention was designed and co-created with the department head which included:


  1. large scale appreciative inquiry workshop with all team members across EMEA, including data from external stakeholders;
  2. follow on project lead facilitations 6 & 12 weeks post workshop; and
  3. coaching sessions with key leaders to enable continued progress.


The focus of the project would be strategy and team alignment to enhance team and department capabilities within EMEA. Specific consideration was placed on:


  1. team culture (create a collaborative & inspiring team);
  2. enhanced stakeholder engagement (syncing with the business) and;
  3. encouraging innovation (staying ahead of the curve).


The planned intervention helped to focus the attention on the key areas and to define 11 projects to achieve a more inspired, unified and focused team; create processes and frameworks to become better partners to the business and create the space to allow them to stay ahead of the curve. The workshop also resulted in some ‘aha’ moments for members of the department as to their own team members, the way they think, and how they can work better together. The process allowed the members of the department to recognise their strengths and also revealed areas for improvement in the context of teamwork and partnering with the business.


Posted on February 9, 2017 in Strategy, Team efficiency

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