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Wizz Air is looking at tripling its fleet over the next 10 years with the projected growth to 180 aircraft by 2025. This extraordinary but well planned growth will help the company deliver its objectives and remain at the forefront of the competition. However, Senior management within Wizz were very cognisant of the need for systems and practices to evolve with the increasing demands of such hyper growth.


One crucial pillar upon which success has been built is that of the Base and Regional Cabin Crew Management Teams (CCM). The CCM manage 60% of the Wizz staff, and lead this critical customer interface and service delivery team. We were engaged by the Wizz CEO to facilitate a collective examination of Middle Management leadership and organizational development challenges arising from the planned delegation of greater responsibilities to CCM at regional and base level.


Through a series of measured and focused assessments including executive interviews, department survey, and key internal/external stakeholder interviews an intervention was designed and co-created with the CCM department head which included:


  1. The facilitation of a large scale appreciative inquiry workshop with key stakeholders (COO, Head of HR, CEO) participating with key middle management leadership.
  2. bespoke leadership development programme;
  3. talent management project support;
  4. enhanced internal communication project.


The focus of the project would be Middle Management leadership and organizational development. Specific consideration was placed on:


  1. how leaders represent the company (living the company values);
  2. professional development (attaining management mastery) and;
  3. setting leadership and organizational standards (driving excellence).


The planned intervention helped to focus the attention on the key areas, define and lead 9 active projects (out of 11 in total) with defined team leaders and members. The workshop enabled the CCM team to identify their role in driving improvements in the context of what is required for the planned growth of the Company. Furthermore, the process allowed the members of the department to recognise their strengths, reveal the areas for personal improvement, and harness the energy, drive and inspiration of the CCM into action plan to meet the organisational development and leadership challenges.

Posted on February 9, 2017 in Positive Leadership, Team efficiency

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