Why do you need a coach, you may ask. Well, for the same reason as an athlete needs a coach.

Many companies, including many of the Fortune 100, recognise the benefits of coaching and are actively hiring coaches to assist their top managers in becoming more efficient, more focused, and better leaders. Although opinions still vary widely, the industry’s growth can mean only one thing: coaching works.

At Serrano 99, we are certified Gestalt coaches. This method is rooted in the Gestalt psychology and is based on mindfulness, deep listening, and self-awareness and awareness of the other. Gestalt coaching is very popular among clients, due to its complex, interactive and holistic nature that creates deep ‘aha’ moments and delivers fast results through real-time feedback and ‘on the job’ sessions.

Some key benefits of coaching:

  • Provides focus and sharpens skills.
  • Facilitates sustained behaviour change through raising awareness of ‘what is’.
  • Provides objective feedback and guidance to leaders at the top where feedback can be scarce and unreliable.
  • Requires relatively little time and develops the leader in the context of their job.
  • Coaching is especially useful in times of change when the new role demands a different mind-set and different skill-set to what was previously required and successful.

Coaching is very efficient when fundamental change is required, such as in times of continued stress and/or failure.

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