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Central and Eastern Europe’s largest low cost airline, operates a fleet of 66 Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircraft, and offers more than 400 routes from 24 bases, connecting 119 destinations across 38 countries.

Wizz Air is a highly successful organization. With the projected growth to 180 aircraft by 2025, the airline is looking at tripling its fleet over the next 10 years. This extraordinary but well planned growth will help the company deliver its objectives and remain at the forefront of the competition. However, the it will also place significant pressure on systems and organization as a whole. One of the most impacted group of employees will be the cabin crew and most importantly the cabin crew management. Wizz Air has asked Serrano 99 to help the team to identify the critical areas and help the team to come up with concrete actions to meet the challenges of the future.




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