What we do: Our values

Our values

Serrano 99 Management Consulting is a cutting edge innovative consulting company that brings positive psychology, behavioral fitness and mindfulness to organizations in order to help them achieve extraordinary results.



Our purpose is to encourage, support and facilitate how leaders, teams, and organizations, embrace and develop their individual and collective capabilities in a positive fashion. We, at Serrano 99 will bring our collective knowledge and expertise together in order to facilitate the co-creation of dynamic, and positive/progressive cultures across workplaces of varying sizes, diversity and industries.


Mission Statement

Serrano 99 strives to assist leaders, teams and organizations enhance their own successes through facilitating the creation of positive, dynamic, engaging and progressive cultures and processes.




Professional and personal. Inseparable.


We are genuine, honest and we bring you the best of us.


Less is more. Quite literally.


We always have our hearts, ears and eyes open. In this order.


This is our single, largest, overarching value. We don’t see anything happening without love in our hearts. We promise, you will feel it.


At Serrano 99

We do:

  • Help to build capabilities where relevant
  • Envisage future using foresight
  • Create and re-create vision
  • Make the work environment more positive
  • Enable skills, talent and creativity
  • Ultimately seek to make ourselves redundant through empowering our clients to be the drivers of dynamic change.
We do not:

  • Offer ready-made framework for success/ transformation/ turn around, each case is treated separately and with care
  • Offer typical management consultancy services placing consultants on the ground for a specific period > our engagement is continuous and we bring relevant expertise where needed only
  • Promise what we cannot deliver
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